Paladini Denies Snag Over Camp Transfer

The following article was written by Dave McIntyre and appeared in the local Gazette last Friday:-

Chairman Gianni Paladini insists there are “no problems whatsoever” with QPR’s signings of Lee Camp and Simon Walton. Paladini has angrily denied suggestions that Rangers are subject to a transfer embargo until a controversial ¬£500,000 loan from Oldham Chairman Simon Blitz is repaid in full. An embargo would mean that although Camp’s move from Derby and Walton’s transfer from Charlton have been agreed and the players have featured in pre-Season friendlies, they would not be eligible to play for QPR in league matches.

The loan signings of Chelsea youngsters Michael Mancienne and Ben Sahar would also be thrown into doubt. “I am telling you that is absolutely not the case,” Paladini declared. “There are no problems whatsoever there. They are QPR players and everything that needs to be done has been done. They can play against Bristol City in the first game of the Season and whoever says otherwise is totally wrong.” He added, “We have reached an agreement with Blitz, there is no disagreement there whatsoever. All that has now been sorted out. It has also been said that the Football League are going to withdraw funding from us. That is absolute rubbish. For a start, that money from them isn’t due now but at the end of the Season because it is based on where we finish in the table.”

Paladini says he is “still very confident” that a major takeover of the Club will happen despite hopes appearing to recede in the last few days. “The people we have coming in are still here and still want to do the deal,” he said. “It needs to happen because without it, things will not look good for QPR. But everything is under control and I am hoping we can give the fans some very good news in the near future.”

Steve Russell

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