Bill Power’s Bid

Before last night’s match, the following statement was issued by Antonio Caliendo, the Chairman of QPR Holdings Ltd:-

“There have been many rumours spread in the newspapers recently about QPR.

The Club is not for sale.”
As a follow on and in response to various messages up on our board, Bill Power posted the following:-
“Ok, the glib, curt statement on the offish site seems to have some lines missing because it was for sale last month. GP has seen me several times each month, very kindly to discuss my health rather than that of our Club. During those get-togethers’, it became obvious that new money and impetus was needed.
I spoke to some friends (all QPR), who said they were willing to buy out AC at the price he bought in at. To be honest, against my advice which was to argue that the shares were not worth what he had paid, but

A plan was put in action by them. ABC would have been gone and sort out what was needed to repay any loans AC had outstanding which would have meant he waited for several years to be repaid in full but would receive £2.5m upfront and monthly payments. Heaven forbid we got into the promised land and then he would receive whatever was then outstanding and a bonus to show gratitude for helping our Club. In principal, I believed the deal was done, everyone will be glad to know that it did not involve me returning as anything other that in an honorary position.
Before the Celtic game, I met Gianni to shake on the deal but found that another option had arisen and to make this absolutely clearGianni said that he was still willing to accept the offer I had proposed if I insisted. He gave me the briefest details of another offer that we both agreed that he need expand no more to me on. For the good of our Club, it was obvious that no one needed to look any further, FULL STOP. I was happy to wish Gianni and his other bid every possible success. My group disbanded, went on to something else and I sat back then and began to dream.
From my limited knowledge of the Club’s finances, we will go into Administration by the end of the month or we will survive because someone has.

put in a minimum of £5m immediately or
gambles the survival of our Club in the belief that they can sweet talk several football clubs and the Tax man to wait for instalments. We as a Club have been offering instalments for years !!!

I don’t doubt that prominent ‘QPR’ people will ask, “What do I know and why didn’t I do things differently ?” I wonder if anyone will see the irony of those comments when they come from whoever ! If anyone thinks this is not the 59th minute of the 11th hour, let me warn, this is not Fulham Park Rangers again or some kind of MK R’sit will be the end of the Club !!!
I hate writing this because I am aware that this sort of statement does nothing to help the side. By all means vent your anger at me for not achieving more and in as a constructive way as is possible at this time and anyone else you feel is or has, let the Club down.

To the people who think they have a better plan than the takeover we so nearly had prior to the statement last night, then come out and tell us about it.
Tell us you are paying off ABC

Tell us you are paying off other football clubs

Tell us you are paying off the Tax man

Tell us our Club is debt free

Tell us about your plans to improve the Ground
There is no need to be coy, the Club is not for sale. You will not be giving away trade secrets that anyone else can use against us. You will be confirming that you can pay off out debts and improve our Club. Think how happy we will all be to hear that.

Steve Russell

2 thoughts on “Bill Power’s Bid

  1. Bill, the one thing in all of this that worries me the most is the “gamble” with the very existance of OUR club.

    “put in a minimum of ¬£5m immediately or‚Ķ
    gambles the survival of our Club in the belief that they can sweet talk several football clubs and the Tax man to wait for instalments.”

  2. thanks for your side bill….qpr fans are so worried at the moment…
    the club is in a mess and needs URGENT cash investment to keep the bills paid and the admin away…abc loan is killing us…i always felt we should’ve sat down with the football league and argue, you forced us into this deal by threatening not to enter us for fixtures…we were operating ok, but the abc loan has strangled the club.
    did the admins do the best they could’ve?
    i am only asking….

    thank you for at least being prepared ( and from your account, a deal was close) to step in, in some capacity and step into the fray again.

    IF this deal comes off, i hope qpr fans will re-unite and maybe forgive,forget …we’ve all been worried for the club and had our opinions.

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