A Room With A View

This is always a talking point when friends/family come round. Well I suppose I am after following the R’s for over forty years, it’s a part of my life. On the wall, you can see a selection of mostly original Press photos. The large one featuring Stan Bowles and Dave Clement, is from an England training session and was taken by Monty Fresco of the Daily Mirror. Others on view are various action shots featuring Terry Venables, Phil Parkes, David Webb etc and are all from the 70’s. There are also portrait ones of Gerry Francis, Stan Bowles (and signed “Best Wishes”), the Morgan twins with their League Cup medals (both signatures) plus a few others. Most of the remainder are tucked away in a folder including FA Cup action from the 1972 match against Coventry when Dave Thomas equalised and shows him celebrating with Stanley.

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Also on view, is a QPR pint mug from the late 70’s which is full of enamel badges. You can make out the Ian Gillard Bronze Shield which was issued in his honour in his Testimonial year. Not in view, is THE collection of QPR sew-on badges. There are some really rare ones which I’ve not opened since the 80’s. Also on show is a Seeburg Entertainer Juke Box which holds eighty 45’s. What you do is, slip on a fave tune, gaze at Stan Bowles and remember the good times.

Stuart Bilbe

One thought on “A Room With A View

  1. Yes Stuart….A room with a VERY good View.

    All my 1970’s Pictures are in Scrapbooks….but I do have an action picture on the wall of my study of QPR V Everton 77/78.

    Also in the front room there is a Framed photo that I took myself(with my Brownie 44A Camera)..of QPR v Notts County 63/64..Which shows Brian Bedford and John Collins in a Goalmouth incident at The School end.

    Sadly the picture that we all wanted from the 1970’s is missing….The 75/76 team with the League Championship trophy!

    Bernard Lambert….”Kerrins”

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