The Presentation Of The Kiyan Prince Youth Team Player Of The Year Trophy

The original idea was to make an annual award to the QPR Youth Team Player of the Year and to also dedicate it to the memory of Kiyan Prince. The Saturday morning regulars who support the U18’s and U16’s at Harlington and sometimes away from home too, voted accordingly.
It was a difficult decision given the magnificent Season the lads have had but despite all the nominations we eventually had a clear winner.

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A number of offers were kindly made to sponsor the first Independent R’s Trophy and I would like to thank them all. The person who sponsored it wishes to remain anonymous.
Four of us met up at Harlington at 10am on Friday to meet Joe Gallen with Mark and Tracy Prince. Also in attendance were two film crews, one from ITN News for ‘London Tonight’ and the others were making a documentary on the life of Kiyan Prince.

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The U18’s lined up on the artificial pitch and Jimmy Murray made the presentation to Aaron Goode. Joe Gallen and Mark Prince made speeches in memory of Kiyan and also congratulated Aaron on winning the award.
Jbee said, “Just back from the presentation at Harlington. This morning was a lovely occasion with Kiyan’s mum and dad as well as the whole QPR U18 squad with Joe Gallen.” Jimmy Murray remarked, “An emotional and proud morning. It was fitting that Kiyan’s mum and dad chose to attend and it was a privilege to meet them. Congratulations to Aaron Goode and indeed the whole squad who are a credit to Joe Gallen and his staff. Its days like this that make me proud to be part of this great Club of ours.”

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Once again, congratulations to Aaron Goode, well done to Joe Gallen, plus all the Coaches, players and staff associated with the QPR Centre of Excellence. It was a privilege to meet Mark and Tracy Prince and thanks to them for attending and sanctioning our award and to Kiyan, God Bless.
Steve Russell

6 thoughts on “The Presentation Of The Kiyan Prince Youth Team Player Of The Year Trophy

  1. well done to all those involved,this will help to keep Kiyans name to the forefront of youth football at QPR.Once again well done to all involved.

  2. Thank you INDYR’S for thinking of this lovely way to keep Kiyan in the memories of all of us in the QPR family- We miss him loads and we never want to forget him and I’m sure he and his parents would have been proud,to be remembered in this way.
    Kiyan was a wonderful boy who played for the qpr youth and that is where he will always be remembered. Congratulations Aaron Goode for being the first of hopefully many deserveded winners of

  3. Great award lots of respect to Kiyans Parents,Kiyan was always a very polite,humble young man,a great talent and will always be fondly thought of. Well done Aaron we are all very proud of you.

  4. I just want to add my tuppence worth if I may;

    I have helped the INDY R’s in their initial phase of getting started, and this is the reason why, a really wonderful idea and award to the current and future youth of QPR. Lest we forget.

    It’s organisations like these and supporters that we have that make me proud to be an ‘R’


  5. I would jus like to say RIP kiyan! i never knew him but heard it in the news and jus felt so sad and upset 4 him, his parents and anyone that knew him. He seemed like such a nice bloke and never deserved to get taken away from loved ones so soon.

    I would realli appreciate if anyone can e-mail me and let me know if there is any funds or support I can get involved with?

    When I seen it in the news i burst into tears. I dont know why because i live in scotland miles away and never knew him but there was just something about this that made my heart go out to him.

    R.I.P Kiyan xxx

  6. i would like to say R.I.P to kiyan prince on what happedned to him and you came to our school not so long ago (westgate secondary school ) and when you came to my school your speech effected me because some one in my family was in the same potion as your son kiyan and i really dont want know one to get killed or injured once agin and if there is any think i can do please let me know


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