Commitment to Queen’s Park Rangers may seem like a daunting prospect but I think we have found what epitomises loyalty to a Club. Badges throughout the ages have been iconic in football and will remain that way for years to come. But when we say we have found someone with over 270 different badges all on one coat, you may not believe it. The owner of such a coat is Chris Dillon who has been adding to his collection for over seven years and will continue to do so for as long as he lives.

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At only seventeen and a Season Ticket holder for eleven seasons now, such a feat is hard to achieve but the waistcoat (pictured) has been worn to every home game and as many away as possible. After starting the collection on a hat in 1999, the amount of badges grew and grew until finally, it became painful to wear. At just over 100 badges on one hat, it became obvious that something would need to be done. Chris went out and bought a waistcoat, sewed on the QPR badge and added all the newly acquired badges to create the beginning of, ‘the waistcoat’ Currently sporting in total 273 badges, most of which are QPR and about fifteen are England ones, but all are different. Chris aims to have every badge that he can get his hands on.

The Club Shop is out of new badges as are the stalls in and around the Stadium so it’s getting harder to find ones that he hasn’t got. The two new Independent R’s badges are proudly displayed on the waistcoat alongside a 1960-61 Supporters Club one with numerous others from the 70’s/80’s/90’s plus new limited edition items and some issued by the LSA. The sight is amazing and the achievement is likewise. On match days, the waistcoat is located in the Upper P Block and will continue going to all home games and as many reachable away in the future. If you have any new badges to sell, ideas or general comments to make, Chris is happy to take them by emailing:

Chris Dillon, badgemanQPR

5 thoughts on “BadgemanQPR

  1. Interesting, for many a badge means nothing and for me in past times I felt the same.That said I now appreciate the design, colours, shape, the message it sends out and the memories it holds. Well done Chris.

  2. Very Interesting read Chris…I had a collection of supporters club badges that I obtained at Each Stadium I visited from 1967 to 1970….About 30 in all…Sadly they were all sold off some years ago…but no way will I sell off any QUEENS PARK RANGERS material from my archives!

    Chris are you a relation to Ron Dillon that used to live in Shepherds Bush in the early 1960’s..but then moved to Stockwell?

  3. No unfortunately i am not related, well not that i know of, but i dont think so.

    The collection has got a few of the old ones, and anytime that i can find another rare one that no one has i will jump at the opportunity, so if any one is willing to add to the collection it will be much appreciated!

  4. I’ve been a collector of pin-badges for many years now, starting with anything QPR, then any a way games, popping round to there club shop, just before kick off. Then the madness took over, the ‘anorak’ in me was brought to life. Apart from football, it soon became everything & anything with a pin on the back of it. I’ve a total to date of just over 6oo, from all walks of life, and still, I’m looking and wanting. So if anyone want’s to part with one or two, I’m your man!
    Chris, your waistcoat is great, keep it up mate!!!

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