‘The Way We Lived’ By Audrey Jacobs

The marketing officer at BookForce sent a copy of your email to me and I’d be delighted if you would put something on your website. My family have been supporters of the Rangers for many, many years. My youngest daughter is now the fourth generation of QPR fans in the family and we were Season ticket holders in the Ellerslie Road Stand for years – until we moved to Wiltshire in about 1995/6.

In this book I mention the fact that my grandfather and father went to the Rangers during the post war years and that when my grandfather died, my sister and I joined my father standing behind the goal at the Ellerslie Road end throughout the 50’s and early 1960’s. My father’s proudest memory was the 3-2 victory at Wembley and Rodney could do no wrong for us! Although my husband, daughter and I went to both Cup and League Finals in the early 1980s, as you know, we didn’t manage to see a Cup win. So, we have travelled all over the country watching the Rangers and sharing the highs and lows of our favourite team. The last time we visited Loftus Road was on our 50th Wedding Anniversary in 2004 – we watched the final game they played in the then, Second Division. So, as someone who still watches Sky on Saturday afternoons to see how the Rangers are doing, I was tickled to hear of your interest in my book.

The Way We Lived’, charts the experiences of two young girls, born and living in a street just off Askew Road, through the 1940’s. It begins with the awful night when their street and the school at the bottom of their road, were bombed and follows them into temporary accommodation and then through their experiences as ‘evacuees’. It describes the life of those living in this part of Shepherd’s Bush – children playing out in the street; families living in close proximity to each other, sharing homes and often sharing problems; no cars; babies in prams parked between the front step and bay windows and front doors left open without any worries. Although there was very little in the way of ‘creature comforts’ this was a close-knit community, so that despite the dangerous times, the often cramped and difficult living conditions and the lack of material wealth, growing up here felt safe, cared for and very much a part of a generous and lively community.

The book is available at £7.99 on Amazon

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Audrey Jacobs (nee Dodd)

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  1. Interesting Stuff

    I lived at number 46 Askew Road from 1952 up to May 1960..and I stood in the “Boys Pen” at Loftus Road from 1957 to 1962.

    I too remember playing in the street…our house was situated on the Corner of Askew Road and Askew Crescent.

    I wonder what part of Askew Rd the World War Two Bomb hit?

  2. We lived off of Askew Road at 18 St Elmos Rd in the 50’s.
    I come from generations of QPR fans.
    Area’s changed alot since then.

  3. A relative of my mother’s has just sent me your book to read as my father, Reginald Anderson, lived next door to your family in Westville Road. The Anderson family lived at no.41. Sadly the only members of the family who have actually lived in the house and are still alive are two of my cousins (one of whom remembers the Dodd family) although I remember visiting Westville Road with my parents many times in my childhood. You have a far better memory of your childhood than I have – I was born in 1943. The book was wonderful to read and I thank you for bringing back many memories. If you would like to get in touch, please do by private e mail. I have just ordered my own copy of the book.

  4. QPR_ 10 there is a slight possibility we may have known each other. In any event we would both have probably frequented Copemans chip shop facing the Askew Rd!

    Mrs Val Clark…are the Anderson Family related to Mr and Mrs “Jock” Anderson who resided at 48 Askew Rd during the 1950’s?

  5. No, as far as I know, my Anderson family are not related to Mr & Mrs ‘Jock’ Anderson of Askew Road.

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