One of Those 1970’s Cossack Hairspray Adverts Featuring QPR Goalkeeper Phil Parkes.

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Apart from being the best QPR keeper I’ve ever seen, Phil Parkes is also remembered for those 1970’s Cossack hairspray adverts, and even their kit bag !!! It provoked plenty of banter at the time and apart from the magazine adverts, apparently there was even at least one television commercial featuring him saving a Frank Worthington penalty presumably without a hair out of place.“Almost more people ask me where I got my Cossack Kit Bag, than my autograph!”

A terrible headline and it continues in similar fashion: “I must admit this new Cossack Kit Bag has a lot of style. It’s easy to carry, rugged, and it holds all my sports equipment. I can even use it as an overnight or weekend bag. You can get a Cossack Kit Bag like mine for just £4.50. That includes postage. Get one. Who knows. People might start asking for your autograph.”

I’m not sure whether the advertising campaign continued after he left Rangers for West Ham, but there must of been a whole series of them.

Steve Russell

3 Responses to One of Those 1970’s Cossack Hairspray Adverts Featuring QPR Goalkeeper Phil Parkes.

  1. martin63 says:

    Great stuff Steve!

    A quiz question for all IndyRs fans: Name the player who was taking a penalty against Phil Parkes in the Cossack tv advert c.1976? For additional points did he score and what was the final match result?

  2. Mark Birri says:

    Alan ball..he missed..rangers won 1-0 (evening ko..pouring down with rain)

  3. martin63 says:

    Not the one I’m thinking of Mark. Saturday game with the penalty taker being a real showman of the era – Midlands side.

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