Charlie Connor Woodley – Born 6th February 2009

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As you can see, the indoctrination has already started with Charlie, resplendent in his Gap Hoops babygrow ! Charlie Connor Woodley was born just after 7am on Friday 6th February and hopefully this will keep the long line of R’s supporting sons in the Woodley family. This began with my father who probably started following the R’s in the 1930’s and was an ever present home supporter until his sad passing away in 1986.

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I started attending the R’s in the late fifties and also travelled to many away matches with my father and/or the Kelmscott gang including young Kerrins. Fortunately, my father had the pleasure of witnessing the great 60’s to 80’s period and the birth of yet another Rangers supporter would have given him further pleasure especially as it will keep the family name alive. My son Paul became a season ticket holder a few years after my father’s passing. I am already looking forward to taking Charlie to his first match with my son Paul and his wife Emma who has been drawn into the drug which is QPR.

Colin Woodley (EssexURs)

4 Responses to Charlie Connor Woodley – Born 6th February 2009

  1. Kerrins says:

    Wonderful pic Colin!

    Although for the sake of tradition you could have dressed the young ‘un in white shirt and navy blue shorts!

    Get online to QPR Retro Kit dot co LOL

  2. Steve Zico says:

    Nice one Colin, and so the tradition continues in another Rangers family.
    Good stuff.

  3. bigdave says:

    well done mate a true ranger well done to all the family good picture mate Bigdave

  4. finney says:

    Colin, Well done to get the wee man in hoops so soon one more member of the R’s family.



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