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What if.....

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The Rs had not settled in Shepherds Bush?

Who would you have supported?

My own family came up from the West Country in the late 1800's occupying various properties in West London including in Lancaster Rd, Paddington and Latimer Rd areas. These are strong QPR areas with several of our grounds being in and around the areas.
One of my biggest regrets is that I never asked my own father about his love of the Rs. The family eventually settled in Oaklands Grove near Loftus Road for many years so that can explain his support but given the above my grandfather could have supported the Rs before him. Sadly he was killed in WW1 so again I had no avenue to explore in that area.

My mother came from the Doncaster area and I lived there for several years after I was born in Hammersmith Hospital. I still look out for their results each week. Would I have been a distant Donny Rovers supporter and attended their matches only when in Doncaster for several weeks each year?

So my own support was influenced by my father and his love for the Rs.

But what if there was no QPR in Shepherds Bush? Would we have supported Shepherds Bush FC if they had survived in Loftus Road?
The thought of supporting Chelscum, Foolham or Hounslow fills you with dread but is that because they are our sworn enemies?

It would be interesting to have other views on why you support the Rs.
Steve Russell
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Re: What if.....

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Some of us could well have supported Shepherd's Bush FC.....

I was born & bred in W12. My Dad took me to my first game in September 1958 when the R's took on Southampton.

My Dad attended Ellerslie Road School & he told me that one of the reasons he (& others) misbehaved was so
that he might spend some of his punishment in a room that overlooked the pitch where the Rangers might
be training :D
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Re: What if.....

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It would no doubt have been Fulham for me. My Grandfather born in the last years of Queen Victoria and my late Father born in the year 1915 both from the Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush areas were both Fulham supporters...Understandably so. QPR FC did not move into the vicinity till 1917 and not really established until a good few years later.(no Bush history) My Grandfather especially would never have previously contemplated travelling miles away to Kensal Rise. Park Royal etc to watch football. (As a young kid neither would I if R's had still been there)

Now had Shepherds Bush FC stayed at Loftus Road instead of becoming defunct who knows?
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Re: What if.....

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I love the idea of a team called Shepherds Bush F.C.
On a similar note, I read once that, when Terry Venables was in talks to buy the Club from Jim Gregory,
he planned to re-name the Club London Rangers.
I could've gone along with that.
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