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Remembering Martin Fitzmaurice......

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I put this together in 2016....

It was sad to hear the recent news that the famous professional darts scorer/announcer/Master of Ceremonies
and one time QPR supporter, Martin Fitzmaurice, had passed away.

Martin was well known for that elongated announcement: “One hundred…AND EIGHTY’ which belted out at darts
#championship tournaments.

But he was also equally responsible for a chant when he attended games at Loftus Road during the 1950’s and
early 1960’s. It went something like this:

‘Chin Chin Chin,
Oi Oi Oi,
Chin Chin Chin,
Oi Oi Oi,
Chin Oi,
Chin Oi,
Chin Chin Chin,
Oi Oi Oi,

It was never heard again at an R’s fixture since at least 1963…perhaps we should revive it!!!

During the early 1960’s I do know that Martin was a prominent member of the QPR Supporters Club Committee
and I was told that was where he and his wife Doreen had first met.

From the 1970’s onwards I think Martin drifted away from supporting the R’s to concentrate on his career in the
pro darts world.

A few years ago I did manage to make contact via Martin’s personal website and he mentioned to me that the 1960’s
were great times at QPR FC and that his favourite player was Mark Lazarus.

Bernard Lambert (Kerrins)

Bill Elkins recalls that Martin was also secretary of the Supporters Club football team for a while.
They used to wear Coventry sky blue, train on the Little Scrubs and meet up periodically in a pub in the Bush.

He also told me about the legendary wrestling bouts at the back of the coach travelling to away games, involving
Martin and Paul Gooch before Daphne Biggs had to intervene and bring them to order. They would call themselves
by such colourful names as ‘Spartacus’ and ‘Superabus’!

Martin was evacuated in 1940 and spent most of his early childhood living in Wales. When he returned to West London
he attended Clement Dane’s Grammar School.

Colin Woodley informed me that Martin and family were living at 290 Ladbroke Grove in 1947.

It is recorded that Martin worked in a solicitor’s office for a while and later he was an electrician and also a tube
train driver.

Martin apparently moved to Colchester in 1975 and his career in darts commenced after he was asked to chalk a match
in a local pub. He then went on to officiate exhibition matches after standing in when the regular referee was unavailable.

Later this was to lead to Martin stepping in as caller in the 1985 World Masters and the following year he was a chalker
at the Embassy World Final. His catchphrase introduction at tournaments was: “Are you Ready? Ladies and Gentlemen…Let’s Play…Darts.”

He resigned from the British Darts Organisation in 2013 after nearly 30 years service.

News came through on 14th April that Martin had sadly passed away.

May he Rest in Peace.
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