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Plymouth Last Night...

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The coach left HQ at 12 o'clock & after a stop-off at Fleet in Hampshire,
it was the scenic route which took us in good time to Plymouth.

As the team coach pulled up, Marti & Ilias in particular, took time out
to engage with some of the fans.

Then it became the usual social gathering & nearly everyone I bumped into
were either based in the West Country or staying over. Great to have a good
old chat with Gerry Purcell who I hadn't spoken to in a long time.

The 1,739 R's fans packed in the away section never stopped singing throughout.
Tommy Collins briefly stood in front of us orchestrating the chanting.

Both sides had goalscoring opportunities. Whittaker's drive whizzed just inches
past the far post. Paul Smyth should have done better from close range & I think
it was Ilias who screwed his effort wide of the target.

Asmir Begovic almost gave a goal away when he took took far too long to clear the
ball with their striker closing in on him.

There was a wonderful piece of skill from Lucas Andersen over on the far side
when under pressure, he superbly twisted & turned his way through two defenders
& onwards.

We created a number of chances after the break.Good work by Lyndon Dykes when he set up
Paul Smyth who then fired his shot straight at the diving keeper. Ilias Chair smashed one into
the side-netting.

Wild scenes followed after Sam Field eventually found the back of the net.

Begovic did make a couple of excellent saves but leading to the equaliser, he should have
either grabbed the cross or punched the ball away. This led to the ball ending up coming off
Uncle Albert before entering the net!!! I read somewhere that was the first Plymouth home goal
in over 500 minutes 8-) .

Into the five added mins & Plymouth got a free kick 20 odd yards out but it
came to nothing.

I was told on the coach that that a fan had a pop at Begovic as he headed for the tunnel
& apparently Jimmy Dunne had to calm things down.

Mixed feelings about the result, for me, based on the 2nd half, it felt like a defeat.

Dropped off at the Target, I arrived home at 3.15......
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Re: Plymouth Last Night...

Post by Kerrins »

Why were we the best team yet failed to win?
Why did our keeper have a bit of an off day?
Why did Uncle Albert replace Chair
Why are we not safe from relegation yet? ;)

We should be told
But we wont be
Sort it out
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Re: Plymouth Last Night...

Post by steveqpr881 »

Over 15 hours on the road, Steve R I salute your dedication!
And nice to hear that Tommy Collins was in action - saw him at Stanley's funeral.
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Re: Plymouth Last Night...

Post by Kerrins »

Yes Steve R well done
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