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'QPR 1907-1908 - Champagne & Shenanigans' by Francis Peacock

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QPR: 1907-1908 – Champagne & Shenanigans’ by Francis Peacock
Francis’ latest book was launched at the Hull City game.

The book has 300 pages and includes over 100 photographs.

Francis’ introduction poses two questions:

‘Why QPR?

Both sides of my family hailed from the part of West London that provides the focus for our story.

My grandfathers were born at either end of Bravington Road, W9, at the heart of the Queen’s Park Rangers community.

As teenagers they would have been intimately familiar with the events outlined in this book…

‘QPR 1907-08 – Champagne & Shenanigans’ is dedicated to their memory.’


‘Why 1907-08?

At the time of the 1907-08 season my grandfathers were about the age I was in 1975-76. I am sure they had as much fun that season as I was to have nearly 70 years later. Both on and off the pitch the season was pivotal in QPR’s early history.

The 1907-08 season was the most successful season that QPR had enjoyed up to that point. The footballers who wore green and white hoops that year deserve to be recognised for their achievements. As the following pages will reveal, however, it was also a season of controversy.’

It’s priced at £10.00 + postage and is available at:

Francis can be contacted on:

The proceeds after costs will go to various charities.

Francis also has some copies of – QPR: The Road to ‘76 available.

Both books come highly recommended.
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