The 21st Independent R’s Badge is a Fundraiser for the QPR Tiger Cubs

The 21st Indy R’s badge is now available and is a designated fundraiser for the QPR Tiger Cubs.

I am asking for £5.00 per badge in order to raise £500.00 for them.

Also available are a very limited number of a few of the previous issues.

I’m always happy to do mail order and for further information please email me at:

Steve Russell

2 thoughts on “The 21st Independent R’s Badge is a Fundraiser for the QPR Tiger Cubs

  1. Hi there Steve,

    What a fantastic thing you’re doing here. I raised a £1000 for the Tiger Cubs back in 2015 running the London marathon and was involved in the Tiger cubs walk later that year. It’s a fantastic cause and one we should be all proud that our club is associated with.

    I would love to have one of these badges if possible, but I moved to Australia in August last year and I’m currently living in Perth. Would you consider sending overseas? Of course I would cover any postage costs and can pay via PayPal or bank transfer etc.

    Kind regards


  2. Hello Nigel, thanks for getting in touch mate. Happy to post overseas and my son can take paypal for me. Please email me and we can take it from there. All the best for now and well done with your 2015 fundraising run – Steve

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