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Detailed Minutes from Fan Sites Meeting with QPR 26th February

Posted on by Steve Sayce

A long and detailed read from a good meeting. IndyRs wishes to express its thanks to Neil Dejyothin for typing and distributing these minutes Fans Sites Meeting Date: Tuesday 26th February 2013 Venue: Loftus Road Stadium In attendance: From the club: Ian Taylor & Paul Morrissey From the fan sites: Steve Sayce (Indy Rs ‚Äì Matthew Woolf (WATRB ‚Äì Colin Henderson (QPR Report ‚Äì Ron Norris (QPRnet ‚Äì Neil Dejyothin (LoftForWords ‚Äì David Fraser (QPR … Continue reading

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28th February 1987: QPR Fans Begin their Campaign to Stop the Proposed Merger

Posted on by Finney

When news broke in 1987 of the proposed merger with Fulham, R’s fans quickly organised themselves. A number of meetings took place upstairs at McQueens (now the Springbok) and prior to the home game on 28th February against Manchester City plans were made to invade the pitch later that day. It was also decided to distribute campaign leaflets in the vicinity ahead of the game. Parked across the road from the pub was a Council truck and shown in the … Continue reading

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Why QPR are no better off under Harry Redknapp than Mark Hughes

Posted on by Steve Sayce

Broaching the subject of Harry Redknapp in anything other than a positive light is often considered to be sacrilege by journalists. For this is Harry Houdini, the man that brought Portsmouth back from the brink and recaptured former glories at Tottenham Hotspur. Redknapp is a media darling, there can be no doubting this, and with good reason. Few other bosses come across as jovial, approachable or friendly as he does. Yet the warm glow that the Queen’s Park Rangers manager … Continue reading

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QPR v Manchester United – The Sky Falls in at Loftus Road

Posted on by Steve Sayce

This week’s big marketing earner at half-time on the pitch at Queen’s Park Rangers was the home video launch of the latest franchise spy flick ‘Skyfall’. It left many fans wondering if an unlikely escape from peril such as that regularly pulled off by James Bond was any longer a possibility from the blue and white hoops. And of course the only thing more predictable than the result itself was the manner of its execution. Manchester United looked out of … Continue reading

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German R’s Vox Populi – Part One

Posted on by Steve Sayce

Back in the summer of last year, a number of us travelled to Germany for the pre-season friendly in Augsburg. We were surprised to meet several German Rangers fans who had travelled considerable distances to be at the game. Since then several of them have travelled to the UK to attend both home and away games. Paul Finney and I discussed last weekend about running a feature on them for the Indy R’s site so I then mailed several of … Continue reading

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When Phil Parkes was Tempted by the Reigning Miss BBC Golden Girl !

Posted on by Steve Sayce

It was Pancake Day of course last week and it reminded me that somewhere in my collection was a Press photo of Phil Parkes being tempted with a pancake by the reigning BBC Golden Girl. It’s dated 24th February 1974 and under the title of ‘Tempting Dish’ it reads: ‘Pat Keeling, the reigning Miss BBC Golden Girl, tempts Queen’s Park Rangers goalkeeper Phil Parkes with a pancake at Lincoln’s Inn Fields in London today. Phil had just put Pat, winner … Continue reading

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QPR’s First Continental Tour in 1912: Part Two – Germany

Posted on by Steve Sayce

On Thursday 9th May, the QPR party set off from Paris at 8 o’clock in the morning and arrived in Saarbrucken in time for dinner. Apart from the pics in the French magazine: ‚ÄúLa Vie Au Grand Air‚Äù that I included in part one, I also managed to pick up around the same time a 1912 copy of the German magazine: ‚ÄúFussball und Olympischer Sport‚Äù, which includes some quite detailed match reports. Martin Percival told me that a mate of … Continue reading

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Gary Bannister: The Rarely Mentioned Legend – Part Two

Posted on by Steve Sayce

The less said about ‚ÄúBlack Sunday‚Äù at Wembley in the Milk Cup Final against Oxford United the better ! Rangers had done all the hard work in beating Hull City, Watford, Nottingham Forest, Chelsea and Liverpool on the way to the Twin Towers, but didn’t show up on the day. Bannister was totally ineffective, disillusioned upfront and given no service. The chance of a lifetime for many of those players to win a winners medal at Wembley was wasted. As … Continue reading

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QPR Screen References: No.18 – ‘Red Dwarf’ – Episode: ‘Pete – Part 1’

Posted on by Steve Sayce

‘Red Dwarf’ is a sort of science fiction based sitcom which first hit the screens on BBC Two in 1988. Later, the TV Channel ‘Dave’ decided to resurrect the show in 2008 when they commissioned the production of three episodes which were screened the following year. Although I’m not a fan of the show I eventually became aware of the inclusion of a QPR reference in one of the episodes. Then recently Steve Sayce kindly passed on the DVD to … Continue reading

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Gary Bannister: The Rarely Mentioned Legend – Part One

Posted on by Steve Sayce

The spring of 1984 was not the best of times in Great Britain. The miners were at loggerheads with Maggie Thatcher’s government over pit closures, leading to violence between striking miners and the police at picket lines, WPC Yvonne Fletcher was shot and killed during a siege at the Libyan Embassy and unemployment reached a record of 3,260,000. By contrast, things couldn’t be much better for fans of Queen’s Park Rangers as we were coming off one of the most … Continue reading

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