Hammersmith Bridge 2006 – West London is R’s

Posted on by Finney

It was six years ago when Mo Fitzgerald came up with the idea of displaying Rangers flags across Hammersmith Bridge as part of a fundraising initiative.

So we decided to meet up outside the Rutland Arms pub, on I think, a Friday evening ? A group of us then set off to unfurl a number of flags across the bridge to be photographed.

In a way it was also a sort of declaration and the result was impressive, but unfortunately the project never came to fruition.

I came across the above photo recently, but I don’t remember who actually took it ?

West London is R’s

Steve Russell

2 Responses to Hammersmith Bridge 2006 – West London is R’s

  1. Steve Masters says:

    Can we have the same display up this Saturday, for when the Foolham fans come to LR??

  2. W says:

    Would love to see a larger version of the above photo… anyone got one? Cheers



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