Introducing Ryan McLaughlin

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I introduce you to Ryan McLaughlin, the latest QPR fan – straight out of the factory who was born on 15th May. He weighed in at nine pounds nine and a half which was heavier than Wayne Fereday but lighter than Sammy Lee. Extra time in the delivery suite meant that I was forced to miss opening time. I am really looking forward to inflicting the misery of Loftus Road upon him along with his brother as punishment ! His father Nick, being a glory hunter, started supporting Rangers as a nine year old way back in 1976. How was Dad supposed to know that the glory days stopped then ?


4 Responses to Introducing Ryan McLaughlin

  1. james says:

    i dont think it was fair of you to tell little Ryan the season ticket prices, look how you have made him cry.
    Great photo wish you all well

  2. jjcolls says:

    Congratulations to Nick and all your family.
    As for Ryan, I just hope he can forgive you at some stage.
    One thing’s for certain….life will never be dull whilst he’s part of this once great club.
    Rs…. they get everywhere.

  3. Steve Russell says:

    Once again Nick, congratulations mate and best wishes to you and the family.

  4. Steve Zico says:

    Congratulations Nick and family, great news.



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