R’s Fan Andy Stedman’s New Single ‘Middle Of The Sea’

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Andy has been in touch to tell us that you can check out his new single and some of his other material at: www.myspace.com/andystedman It’s titled ‘Middle Of The Sea’ and is out on iTunes and all download Sites. The album ‘Causin’ Havoc, Breakin’ Hearts’ should be out around late October time. He was in the band ‘Sequoia’ but is now solo and performs under his own name. Andy has been described as ‚Äútracing a line through a lineage of great English songwriters ‚Äì Ray Davies, Damon Albarn, Elvis Costello and Paul Weller.‚Äù He says that a few R’s fans have already turned up at gigs to support him and has just returned from a ten day mini tour of Canada.

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He became a Hoops fan when his dad took him to see the R’s play Arsenal sometime in the pre-Premiership Division One and has been a massive fan ever since. Andy is a season ticket holder in MU Block and he says that his favourite players have included Macca, Bardsley, Sir Les, Wilkins, Gallen, Wegerle and now Buzsaky. One of his ambitions is to get his single played at half time and to one day do a gig at Loftus Road. Good luck Andy with the single and the forthcoming album.

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  1. Michael Whelan says:

    Have to say i have been to a number of Andy’s gigs and the man is very talented.Sequoias album Ebb&Flow i really enjoyed listening to and look forward to hearing the new album from Stedders.
    Good luck mate you deserve that break.



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