The Bribery Scandal

There is no need to reach for the smelling salts, QPR were the innocent party in the whole affair. During the years 1962 and 1963, a group of Football League players and their associates formed a crooked gambling syndicate with the objective of pulling off betting scams on the football results fixed odds. The famous Continue reading


Jimmy kindly dropped me off in Kilmarnock before driving straight back to Edinburgh for his flight home. The following day, Michael Benwell who was staying with his in-laws near-by, paid me a visit with his eldest son. After lunch and a few pints, we set off for the town and then the Ground. We met Continue reading


I met Alan Barnes, Ron Hill, Jim Mellins, Rob Bennett and Martin Botwright at Kings Cross for the 7am departure. Because of vandalism around the Durham area my  rendezvous with Jimmy (jj) in Edinburgh was about thirty minutes later than planned. He had flown up from Luton earlier that morning. The others missed their connection Continue reading