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Do You Remember The First Time ? (Part Two)

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I got that on New Year’s Day 1974. I remember it being a freezing cold day, although a recent programme article stated that it was a ‘mild day’ ? Maybe for the Mancs in attendance as they were used to cold weather, but not to a scrawny little nine year old it wasn’t. I had started to stand in the School End as it was cheaper at 10p compared to 15p in the Loft and 5p got you a load … Continue reading

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Remembering Stanley Hudson

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Alf Parkinson told me some time ago about a player who had sadly died whilst he was at QPR. He recalled that there was a large crowd in the Bush the day of his funeral. According to the Memorial Match programme, Stanley Hudson was born in Fulham on the 10th February, 1924. He died on the 21st June, 1951 aged just 27. There is an interesting story in the home programme against Fulham in 1949 about how Stan first got … Continue reading

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The Fifth Independent R’s Badge

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Earlier this year, our fifth badge went on sale. This one commemorates the first Charity Shield match in 1908. The R’s played Manchester United on 27th April at Stamford Bridge and the game finished as a 1-1 draw. Limited to 100, at the time of writing, I have 28 left. These are available by post @ ¬£3.00 each. The postage and packing charge is now ¬£1.30 within the UK and reflects the recent price increases. Cheques to be made out … Continue reading

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Saturday 11th May 1968 – Third Account.

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Writing about that great day in May 1968 was difficult for some reason. The day seems to have become a memory blur for me‚Ķand its not drink related ! I remember being on one of Daphne’s Supporters Club coaches (the Victor of her day, only better looking) with some of my mates and like everybody else, up for it. Word got around that one bloke travelling was a Crystal Palace player and also an R’s fan. Apparently he should have … Continue reading

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Independent R’s Statement.

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We have noted the new Season Ticket prices and generally view them with great disappointment. Accordingly, we had hoped that the Club would in fact reward the loyal fans of Queen’s Park Rangers rather than penalise them and encourage others to return to Loftus Road. For the first time in years, expectations for success on the pitch for next Season are high and this initial optimism has now been overshadowed. We would urge the Club to have a serious re-think … Continue reading

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Open Letter To Flavio Briatore

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Far be it my intention for us to fall out, but just a few observations about your recent interview. I realise that you do hundreds of interviews and that folk can then ponder them and pick up on every word (and they do) but you said‚Ķ‚Ķ ‚ÄúPeople believe this Club is owned by the fans but it’s only a few that put their money down, for the rest of the people it’s easy to criticise (when) they spend ¬£20. Without … Continue reading

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QPR Screen References: No.9 ‚Äì ‘Steptoe And Son’

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‘My Old Man’s A Tory’ In this episode from 1965, Harold returns from ‘the round’ and is horrified to see ‘Vote Conservative’ posters and slogans displayed around the yard. Banter and insults follow between him and his father. Harold is Chairman of the local Labour Party and aspires to be adopted as a candidate for the forthcoming elections but his father supports the Conservatives. The next Party meeting is to be held at the Steptoe residence with the Party Agent … Continue reading

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Do You Remember The First Time ? (Part One)

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Recently I was talking about the Hillsborough Disaster on the 19th anniversary and the old adage, ‘I know where I was that day’ came up. We’ve all done it haven’t we ? There are loads of them‚Ķ30th July 1966‚Ķ22nd November 1966‚Ķ4th March 1967‚Ķ21st July 1969‚Ķ11th September 2001 and the 8th May 2004‚Ķto name a select few. Well, I’d like to add to that list. It won’t be in any significant history book as it’s only relevant to me personally. The … Continue reading

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The Youth Kit Sponsors Evening And Our Trophy Presentation

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On Thursday 17th April, the Youth Kit Sponsors Evening was held once again in the Tony Ingham Suite. We were told by Steve Brown that over ¬£3,600 had been raised this time. ‚ÄúWe were able to purchase several laptops for the Scholars which has helped enormously with assisting with their studies at Harlington.‚Äù After Steve Brown spoke about each player individually, they later presented their kit sponsor with a gift. Mark Prince made an emotional speech and Pat Harrison spoke … Continue reading

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