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In Andrew Green’s book, ‘In Our Haunted Kingdom’ he writes about how in 1887, Anne Hinchfield threw herself to her death from the top of its 70ft tower. She was just 12 years old. Then in 1934, a nursemaid threw her young charge from the same tower and then jumped after her ! Andrew Green’s mother, a nurse, whilst waiting for the Police doctor to finish his examinations of the bodies, walked into the garden and saw footprints appear on the wet grass in front of her. They stopped at a garden seat and the seat itself moved slightly as if someone had just sat down !

The house then stood empty for 10 years but by then twenty suicides and one murder had taken place  –all from the top of the tower.

Towards the end of the 2nd World War, the property was requisitioned by the Government and in 1944 Mr Green visited the house with his father. In his book, the author speaks of, “ Unseen hands helping him up the ladder to the top of the tower.” When he was at the parapet, he received a compelling mental urge to have a look in the garden. It was like, ‘ he could walk over the parapet…for it was only twelve inches down to the lawn…he wouldn’t hurt himself ‘ !  At that instant, his father arrived at the top of the tower and grabbed his son and prevented another ‘suicide’

Before Andrew and his father left the house, he took a photo to show his friends and when it was developed there was a clear image of a young girl looking out of an upper window. The girl hadn’t been visible to him when he took the picture. Was it the ghost of Anne Hinchfield ?

The house was converted into flats but maintained a sinister reputation. There were mysterious gas leaks which were never traced. There were reports of an awful smell on the 1st floor every 28 days and workmen had to be called from outside London because no one locally would work in the house. They found that many of their tools went missing. The walls were stripped and re-plastered, the floorboards were replaced but the cause of the smell was never found. Many tenants reported hearing mysterious footsteps and the opening and closing of doors plus other unusual noises.

The mysteries of 16 Montpelier Place remain unsolved.
Steve Russell

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  1. jj says:

    Interesting Steve. Know the road and will look out for number 16 next time I’m down that way.Would make a piece of drama/film.

    • Sara says:

      When I think of how many times i’ve been up and down that road over the years…..who’d have known!?

  2. Dan says:

    Where can we see the picture, fatastic story

  3. bkirk says:

    good piece Steve,got a touch of the goosebumps reading that.

  4. karen says:

    Weirdly just read about this in a great book. Will Storr versus The Supernatural. I live in Ealing, I may have to pop round and take a glance. Glad I didn’t find my address in the book!

  5. Rach says:

    Hi there

    Have just found your piece on the web. I have a book which contains the story and the photo but it says the houses was demolished in 1971.

    Please can you confirm if this is true or if the house still exists.

    Many thanks.


  6. Dr Oates says:

    Mr Green’s comments about the house, so far as they can be checked, are incorrect.

    No one of the name of Anne Hinchfield, the girl who allegedly died in 1887, is recorded as dying in England in that year (indexes to civil registrtaion records).

    No one was killed/committed suicide from the house in 1934 (sources: local press, police murder register)or in any other year.

    Sherlock Holmes once said to Watson ‘No ghosts need apply’.

    The house was occupied between 1930-1940 (sources: electoral registers, directories)

  7. Alex says:

    Being an Ealing boy through and through I have heard of stories in connection with Mountpelier road and the Paranormal. The story sounds very simular but I can not remember if it is No.16 I read and heard about. At the time of reading about Mountpelier road the article claimed that the house was one of the most haunted in Britain. In the eighties there were also reports of Paranormal activity going in woodville gardens, not far from Mountpelier road.

  8. bigdave says:

    Also Hanger Hill Park is definitely haunted, the name gives it away. This is situated about a mile from Montpelier Road. It was hanging site many years ago. I worked for Ealing Council for many years and heard some good stories about the site whilst I was there.

    • Sara says:

      OMG!….Not ‘Pitshanger Park’…????
      My old childhood stomping ground of yester-year lol ;D
      When I think of all the hours my long-suffering grandparents had to stand there and push me on the roundabout/swings/slides….;)
      Wonder what my late Grandma would have to say about it?

  9. jackie says:

    I drove to 16 Mountpelier couple of nights ago with 3 other friends, I was parked right outside the house it was little after midnight, the house looks very creepy as it is an old house and the brown outside fence doesn’t help either, the fence door was half open but as its a big house we couldn’t see the front door and were too scared to push the fence door to open a bit more, there is an alarm in one of the rooms upstairs as we could see it flashing but otherwise there were no lights anywhere else in the house and it was pitch black. Number 10 Mountpelier has been converted in to 2 flats but no one actually lives in it, there is a car parked in the drive of the second flat which is number 16A Mountpelier and its been there for years and years. We sat in the car watching the house, looking for any light or anything at all and some 10 minutes later we heard a very loud scream as if someone was stood behind a car and screaming at us, as you can imagine we didn’t hang around to find out what it was but 1 thing is for sure, the house is creepy and we will be going back to check it out again and when we do, I will come back and leave an update.

  10. Bruce says:

    I’ve just read Jackie’s rather intriguing tale about haunted cars, houses etc. at 16 Montpelier Road. I live one street away. All very titillating but sadly nonsense. On the site of the now demolished 16 Montpelier Road stands Elgin Court. It’s a soulless 70′s modern block that’s less Amityville more Brady Bunch. Still a charming piece of Scooby Doo horror in the making, Jackie.

    • Joanna Neville says:

      I think Jackie got confused- she clearly says she went to mountpelier Road not Montpelier Road ;)

  11. Gert says:

    Having read the story about the haunted house in Montpelier Rd. in Mr Green’s book “Our Haunted Kingdom” I contacted him in the late 70′s as I had plans to write a theatre play about the house. Mr Green was very charming and spent quite some time chatting with me on the phone, answering various questions I had about the house (I wonder if he’s still alive now). He told me that at some point an elderly lady got in touch with him and told him that, as a young girl, she had worked as a maid for the tenants of 16 Montpelier Rd. at the end of the 19th century. She mentioned that at the same time she was there the family employed a butler who, after a coach accident which left him limping was forced to give up his position at Kensington Palace where he was working up until then. On Friday evenings the butler was asked to bring balck velvet rugs and black candles to a room in the tower, something she always found very strange and she was relieved she never had to go up there herself. Mr Green was also talking about a man going mad in the house opposite and a possible murder, but my recollection of this is vague. The house was indeed demolished in 1970, after neighbours were complaining about “a bad smell” and probably because nobody wanted to live there anymore.

  12. Paul says:

    I live next door !! Never heard about these things till recent ! But there where strange thuds everyso often late at night ?!

  13. Lisa says:

    Just read all above comments. Has anyone heard of any activity on Windsor rd Ealing ???



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